Kundalini Maha Yoga Indonesian Version: 8 Steps Toward Yoga

To go to yoga, we must pass through eight stages:

1. Restraint
2. Perceiving
3. Protect yourself
4. Development of charity
5. Escape from bondage and wandering thoughts
6. Concentration
7. Meditation
8. Samadhi

A brief explanation:

1. Self-control:

This life is material and spiritual, this step explains how we can control ourselves, from things material. Self-control may also be referred to muffle emotions. Here we learn to balance the mind in order to align with the soul. A simple way to control myself from material things is to arouse awareness of life and reduce the various emotions by thinking that kematerialan temporary.

2. Perceiving:

If we pray and beg that means we want something (hope), but when we surrender, we let our souls to the Lord, should we not expect, because the Lord has the right to accept or reject the request for us, If we are Surrender and tried, the LORD has the power to give need in our lives.Without the resignation would be difficult to achieve YOGA. Perceiving here means we surrender everything to GOD Almighty, yet practitioners of Yoga is also required to think about the material but do not be swept away with the illusion of material management.

3. Keeping yourself:

In a step toward the yoga here is not to keep themselves from crime (martial arts) and the existing negativity around us. But keep away from the imbalances that may occur to myself and others. In this stage we expect to maintain balance and harmony between THOUGHTS, WORDS and DEEDS.

4. Development of charity:

This stage we learn to develop a love that has been present in each of us, but first before we love and love ourselves so that we can spread the love around in there that we channel the blessings we have received from God.

5. Escape from bondage and the wildness of mind:

Every human being has a purpose, if not triggered by the material things that this goal will not be fulfilled. Therefore this stage to teach us to break away from the wildness of the mind and we should not crave material things / worldly. Humans do have a limit to withstand all lust mind, and the main enemy is the wildness of the human mind itself, the wildness of the mind becomes a negative pole that always affects the human mind and human beings make common sense becomes unbalanced (uncontrollable). This stage becomes the principal controller of a Yoga because it is a mind control center.

6. Concentration:

Concentration is focusing the mind on the “convergence” certain that we can explore something, we can create a concentration of things that are specific. With the same concentration we can experience the many things that we did not previously know. In the concentrate, we think of a focus that motivates us for a while not thinking about worldly things. This motivation makes us encouraged to commit and explore the things we already know or are not yet known to us.Concentration has to be supported by a silent and neutral atmosphere so that we do not have the heavy burden who mind, state of stress concentration will be interrupted us, consequently we can not think clearly, and what we want to achieve will be in vain.

7. Meditation:

In everyday life we often hear the word meditation. Meditation is a spiritual metaphysics of energy generation is balanced and harmonious mind that comes from a clear mind. In meditation the mind will not move anywhere because we must let go of attachment and the wildness of the mind to things material. If, in meditation we still bound by the wildness of the mind, we will deepen the difficulties of yoga and will not be able to proceed to the next stage.

8. Samadhi:

Samadhi is the end point of the eight stages to yoga, Samadhi is controlling the energy of metaphysics, spiritual and material well-balanced to lead to the generation that became the beginning yoga chakras. It is clear that after doing samadhi we still need to balance all of the available energy in our body. Samadhi is the beginning of the yoga that we will run.

Ask: Where is the most important step toward Kundalini Yoga?
Question: the last three stages of concentration, meditation, and samadhi.

CONCENTRATION: to improve and open sahasrara chakra (crown chakra) to be ready to receive spiritual energy
MEDITATION: taking the spiritual energy and store energy in the Anahata chakra (heart chakra)
Samadhi: Kundalini activation process with all the energy that has been collected.

(Summarized from the book 8 STAGES TOWARD YOGA by Adhitya ISRS)


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