Our Training Method

In principle, this training using Positive Energy owned self-empowered. Energy can be said to “Kundalini”. Kundalini is the energy / potential that exists in the human body, which is a gift from God to man. Kundalini can be empowered when it is active.

Kundalini can be activated in two ways, which is activated by yourself or with the Master. It takes a very long time to activate the Kundalini without the Master. But in Kundalini Maha Yoga, Kundalini in-shaktipat (channeled) directly by the Master of Kundalini thus become active participants. When Kundalini is activated, then the participants can empower Kundalininya, for a positive course.

This method is used in the process of healing and detoxification of negative energy. The process is the Master doing detoxification or cleansing negative energy. This method is used also in the program and Stress Relief Program Detoxification House (residence) of the Negative Energy.

This method is used in the healing process. The process of transferring the Master Positive Energy Healing so that participants can feel the sensation and healing effects. Called one-way because the energy gained participants, purely from the Master. So that participants can not empower the energy for himself. This is different from the methods used in training. This method is used also in the program Stress Relief Program.


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